Auditions for Oliver! will be Friday, Sept 6 and Saturday Sept 7th.

Callbacks Sunday Sept 8th.

Appointments will be taken beginning August 6th.

Please call Heather at 905-685-7976

Audition requirements:

One song required. It can be from “Oliver”.  Boys that are auditioning for Oliver need to prepare “Where is Love” and can download the sheet music online.  Minimum age for all cast is 9 years. Actors, singers and dancers required!


Oliver Twist – A workhouse boy about 11 years of age.
Gender: male  Age: 9 to 12

Fagin – An elderly receiver – runs training academy for young pickpockets.
Gender: male  Age: 50 to 70

The Artful Dodger – Fagin’s brightest pupil – an undersized 16.
Gender: male  Age: 14 to 18

Bill Sikes – A villian in his prime.
Gender: male  Age: 30 to 45

Nancy – 23 years old – a graduate of Fagin’s academy, and Bill’s doxy.
Gender: female   Age: 20 to 25

Bet – A 15 year old lass in Fagin’s establishment – idolises Nancy.
Gender: female  Age: 14 to 18

Mr. Bumble – A large and pompous Beadle of the workhouse.
Gender: male  Age: 35 to 60

Mrs. Corney – A sharp-tongued, domineering widow – the Workhouse Mistress.
Gender: female  Age: 40 to 55

Mr. Brownlow – An old gentleman of wealth and breeding.
Gender: male  Age: 55 to 70

Mr. Sowerberry – The Undertaker.
Gender: male  Age: 45 to 60

Mrs. Sowerberry – Mr. Sowerberry’s wife and his overseer.
Gender: female  Age: 45 to 60

Charlotte – The Sowerberry’s sluttish young daughter.
Gender: female  Age: 18 to 25

Noah Claypole – Mr. Sowerberry’s pimply apprentice.
Gender: male  Age: 18 to 25

Mr. Grimwig – A Doctor.
Gender: male  Age: 30 to 50

Mrs. Bedwin – The Brownlow’s Housekeeper.
Gender: female  Age: 45 to 60

Old Sally – A Pauper.
Gender: female  Age: 50 to 70

Charley Bates – A boy in Fagin’s establishment.
Gender: male  Age: 10 to 18

Ensemble – Workhouse boys, workhouse assistants, bow streetrunners, street vendors and crowd, etc.
Gender: any




Friday Nov 15th, Saturday Nov 16th at 8pm

Sunday Nov 17th at 2pm

Friday Nov 22nd, Saturday Nov 23rd at 8pm

Sunday Nov 24th at 2pm

Friday Nov 29th, Saturday Nov 30th at 8pm

Sunday Dec 1st at 2pm