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GCP is looking for volunteers to join our creative team for the upcoming production of 9 to 5!


Are you interesting in being a part of this experience?

Do you want to learn something new?

Even if you have no experience you can join in!


Just fill out the form below to get started.

Please note: all of these positions are volunteer roles; non-union and unpaid.

Production Team Application

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Contact Information

Accepting a role in this production involves a commitment that may require attending all rehearsals and performances without exception. Some production roles are more time consuming than others. Crew is also required to pay the GCP membership fee.
September 21-23 commitment only
Check in actors by appointment, show into audition hall and introduce.

Full Commitment Sep through Nov
Liaison between Producers and Director, Music Director, Technical Director, sets schedules. Responsible for all correspondence email, etc.

Department heads are a heavy time commitment. Depending on the role, be prepared to attend most or all rehearsals plus all performances. Sep through Nov 20.
Please select the Department Head role(s) you are interested in:

These roles are more flexible in scheduling the work involved. Department heads will provide guidance to their teams of volunteers.
Please select the Production Role(s) you are interested in:

These roles commit to the final week of rehearsals, tech week and/or performances.
Please select the Performance Support role(s) you are interested in:

Please tell us of any experience you may have in the roles you selected.

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